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Do You Want to Increase Your Bottom Line?

About Sandi

Dr. Sandi Eveleth is a certified Optometric Physician who can help you grow your practice, without growing pains, through a variety of convenient services with your unique needs in mind. It's often difficult to work "on" your practice, when you're working day-to-day, "in" your practice. Dr. Eveleth understands those constraints. She will discuss your needs and preferences with you to develop a custom approach that fits your learning style, availability and budget.

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Who I am and why I want to help you succeed.

Dr Sandi Eveleth, Optometric ConsultantYou may be asking “why would you want to help other Eye Care Professionals and how would you know so much about running and growing a successful practice?” First of all, as an entrepreneur and doctor of Optometry, it has always thrilled me to give advice to other Optometrists and Eye Care Professionals to see them become successful in their own practices. It has become a true passion. I have never been the type to see others in the same profession as competition — only as strategic alliances.

Secondly, I have been practicing Optometry for over 27 years in just about every setting possible — from owning a thriving private practice for over 15 years to working inside corporate practices and working for exceptional Ophthalmologists. You learn a lot about how to grow and improve your practice from “just doing it” as well as from watching others’ successes and, sometimes more importantly, failures.

It is my absolute desire to help every Eye Care Professional learn at least 5 new things they can do with their practices TODAY to improve their bottom line, whether it's to increase their income, decrease their expenses, or both. In fact, if you would like my free tip sheet that gives you 5 new things to grow your practice, please drop your name and email address in the form at the top of the site.

Dr. Sandi Eveleth - Growing Practices without Growing Pains

Grow Your Practice Without Growing Pains

Why am I different from any other “make more money with your eye care practice” consultant? The quick answer: because I don't incorporate a “one size fits all” mentality. I have extensive knowledge in digital marketing strategies to grow your practice as well as business development skills from owning a private practice.

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