Dr. Sandi Eveleth

Dr. Sandi Eveleth is a certified Optometric Physician and Eye Care Industry Consultant. She helps Eye Care Professionals increase profits, decrease expenses and deliver excellent service to their patients. Please scroll down for more information about ‟Growing Practices without Growing Pains”.

About Dr. Sandi Eveleth

Dr. Sandi Eveleth has been successfully practicing Optometry for over 25 years. She has owned a thriving private practice, worked in corporate settings and for exceptional Ophthalmologists. As Valedictorian of her Optometric graduating class, Dr. Eveleth has built upon her solid foundation of knowledge through many years of experience. She's also learned by observing the successes and failures of her many colleagues. Dr. Eveleth is passionate about helping others through passing along her exceptional clinical knowledge and wise business advice through in-person or online learning. She believes in ‟Growing Practices without Growing Pains”. Contact Dr. Eveleth to start improving your practice and strengthening your bottom line, TODAY!


Dr. Eveleth can help you grow your practice, without growing pains, through a variety of convenient services with your unique needs in mind. It's often difficult to work "on" your practice, when you're working day-to-day, "in" your practice. Dr. Eveleth understands those constraints. She will discuss your needs and preferences with you to develop a custom approach that fits your learning style, availability and budget. She offers online learning; hourly, Skype or phone coaching; and in-person consultation.

Online Learning

Access convenient web-based educational materials, webinars and resources through Dr. Eveleth's online library to help grow your practice without growing pains.

Strategic Coaching Call

Receive direct, personal coaching from Dr. Eveleth via Skype or phone to discuss your practice's opportunities for improvement, and develop targeted solutions to help grow your practice without growing pains.

In-Person Consultation

Dr. Eveleth offers in-person, on site consultation to comprehensively assess your practice and develop a road map for success. She'll spend up to three days evaluating your current practice, to include, but not limited to, patient processes, staffing, business systems, finances and marketing. She'll deliver a customized report with measurable goals and strategic steps to help you grow your practice without growing pains.

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